Hi! Welcome to Book Nerdery, dedicated to all the book nerds out there! If you’re an avid reader or a book enthusiast, Book Nerdery is for you.

I’ve been a book nerd since I was a little girl. I never could get enough. My father would eventually nudge me to turn on some lights as I would read all day and straight into the evening.

Nowadays I don’t have that particular problem as I am an official Kindle convert! I love the darn thing. When I first started using a Kindle though, there was so much to figure out. And that’s one of the reasons I started Book Nerdery.


I’ve been a successful content writer for many years. I want to provide top-notch guidance and information on Kindle questions you may have, along with book reading reviews and guides. We’re turning more and more into a digital world, and I believe this information is helpful to many.

Even if you haven’t jumped on the digital train (and my husband is one of those!), there’s plenty here for you. We’re all about the book. We have lists of books in different categories to help you find something you enjoy, and gift guides for unique items for book lovers. Enjoy the book reviews from myself and avid reader guests. If you would be interested in doing a book review for us, please contact us at support@booknerdery.com.

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“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

— Ernest Hemingway